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The following links represent a choice of my personal favourites, I do not attend any commercial or financial interests with mentioning these sites.

Vi Related
  Vi Lovers Home Page   more information about the vi editor
Exuberant Ctags   ctags program for handling C sources in vi
GNU General Public License   License valid for WinVi

MinGW   free 32-bit compiler for C/C++ (Windows / English)
This is my new favourite compiler. Starting from Version 2.96,
WinVi can be compiled with this GNU based suite.
The code creation is not as fast as with lcc (see below)
but the translation of ressources is more Windows XP compliant.
LCC-Win32 32-bit compiler for C/C++ (Windows), free for personal use
This can be used for WinVi32 from release version 2.91.
Code generation is very fast and executable files are small.
However, the binaries seem to be incompatible with Win32s (for Windows 3.x).
Borland another free C/C++ compiler for Windows

Ramo the private part of my home page